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Marine Logistics Solutions accompanies you in all the operational steps related to customs.

MLS accompanies you in all the operational steps related to customs, the regulations are complex and evolve every year. Being well supported allows you to meet deadlines and avoid costly delays.


Customs operation and declaration

International trade is subject to the control of economic areas (EC – NAFTA – ASEAN…) or to countries that impose their rules (Algeria, Iran, etc.).

Your import/export transports require a perfect knowledge of the requirements of the national and national and international regulations as well as the documentation to produce to the authorities in the framework of the customs control

MARINE LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS accompanies you in all the operational stages related to the customs aspects of your products or services within the framework of :

-Preparation of customs files

The regulations are complex and change every year. Being well accompanied allows you to to meet deadlines and avoid costly delays. It also allows you to know the regulatory specificities related to your products (customs classification, CE certificate, certificate of origin, etc.). You will ensure that the financial flows related to the collection of taxes are optimized.

To accompany you from an administrative point of view, MARINE LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS offers you :

  • A audit of your flows on the customs aspect and a support in your reflection on the best way to integrate this constraint in your logistics flow.
  • The implementation of of customs administrative authorization (self clearance of customs, AI2, special destination)
  • L’obtaining specific approvals related to your products or their storage.
  • Support for the implementation of the status of authorized economic operator (AEO)

-The customs declaration

  • The management of your import / export customs formalities or transhipment (declaration, ECS / ICS, transit under customs control, licenses)


Logistics transport consulting

Marine Logistics Solutions ( M.L.S) offers you services for :

The implementation and support of new transport flows

When obtaining new contracts, your teams are not always equipped to handle the implementation and start-up of these transport and logistics flows.

M.L.S offers to accompany you during this transition period by :

  • the drafting of business processes
  • help with computer settings : creation of databases
  • coordination between the various media
  • help with recruitment
  • training of new teams
  • the follow-up of the improvement plan with the customer
  • readjustment of variances within the contract
  • implementation of a monitoring quality plan


Management of logistics service providers and tenders

The selection of your logistics providers must be adapted to your flow logic. This allows you to manage the transport of your products according to your constraints and to optimize your costs by avoiding intermediaries and unnecessary load breaks.

Launching a transport tender is an opportunity to improve your organization.

With M.L.S. you carry out your transport tenders and you make sure ensure the implementation of a process in order to reach the required productivity.

Marine Logistics Solutions offers you :

  • An audit of your transport flows
  • Definition of your objectives and your logistics strategy
  • A collaborative drafting of your Transport and Logistics specifications
  • A reflection on theoptimization of your transport routing
  • An adapted selection of your providers
  • Assistance in their selection through calls for tenders (preparation, construction, launching, analysis and choice).

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