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Marine Logistics Solutions has access to all types of cargo

Marine Logistics Solutions organizes the transit of your goods on the international as well as in the European space. According to your requirements, we define together the type of transport best adapted to your constraints: air, sea, road or combined transport (multimodal).



The air transport has become an essential transport vector. It is essential to ensure a value-added service.

Whether it’s the delivery of high-value products or technology products that revolve around the
, Overseas air transport is often the most suitable solution. Marine Logistics Solutions finds the right solution for your needs the best routing by air transport from and to all French customs airports :

  • economic grouping
  • express
  • dedicated (Hand carry)

Marine Logistics Solutions takes into account your contractual requirements and manages the “door to door” or door to deck in the context of ship spare parts


We ensure the of your air orders and we inform you and we inform you in real time of the various stages of routing until the final delivery of your products.
Within the framework of air cargo safety and security, we advise you on the transportation of hazardous materials as well as on the air packing method and the regulatory constraints related to this mode of transport
We favour short and flexible communication methods that will allow you to anticipate your deliveries or pick-ups in complete transparency.


maritime transport

Maritime transport used for larger flows or for large parcels requiring a perfect control of your costs. Within the framework of a transport schedule, it fits into longer industrial cycles:

Marine Logistics Solutions assists you and finds the best routing solutions in respecting the rules of international transport (Incoterms):

  • maritime groupage
  • complete
  • conventionalincluding in the case of specific goods (dangerous or sensitive)

Marine Logistics Solutions studies and organizes all or part of your your international logistics chain, taking into account taking into account the constraints of each country according to your requirements or those of your customers.



The routing of goods in France or within Europe between the various production and distribution centers requires permanent attention. Your parcels must be transported in the best timing in order to ensure a coordinated delivery in perfect adequacy with your needs.

Marine Logistics Solutions organizes the road transport of your products in

  • mail,
  • express mail
  • dedicated transport,

in partial or complete lots.

We ensure the interconnection of your physical flows in the best conditions conditions of security, costs and deadlines.

We adapt to your constraints and find you the right logistic partners.

You benefit from a real follow-up of your orders while integrating the notion of “Third-party logistics (
third-party logistics

Marine Logistics Solutions manages the information and positioning of your orders in real time. Our service is accompanied by a personalized follow-up from collection to final delivery with production of proof of transfer of responsibilities.

Cross Trade and Combined Transport Management

With the development of triangular trade and in order to avoid and their fiscal and customs problems the Cross Trade Maritime Transport FCL (Full Container Load) ehas become a major asset.

This practice allows to considerably reduce logistical costs and avoid several and avoid many unnecessary steps.

Marine Logistics Solutions manages your documentation while tracking tracking your container shipments. We take into account the constraints of regulations and endorsements of B/L specific to this follow-up

Geographical constraints sometimes lead to the use of several modes of transport in combination:

  • railway
  • terrestrial
  • river
  • maritime
  • airborne

MARINE LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS takes care of manage the flowsso that this combined mode becomes as fluid as possible and can be optimized financially and qualitatively.

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